What Is Permalink And How To Make It SEO Frifinishly

What Is Permalink And How To Make It SEO Frifinishly

In this article i will go to teach you approximately how to make permalink to make your post SEO Mately if blogger blog is not visible in Search Engine then you can not get too much traffic from Google Search Engine and this thing is very bad because organic traffic matter all approximately your earning with Affiliate Marketing, Google Adsense, or any other make money method. If you want to do this then i will suggest you to make your blog Search Engine Optimize blog. Now i know you how to do.

First i will discuss my main points to optimize your post. If your blog Title or blog URL is well optimize and search engine is visit or land on your blog in 10 minutes then you can get more traffic from search engine.

The main thing is how to Optimize these tips very well. I have an experienced this method with in few days when my blog lost lot of traffic from Google Engine and i am hard worried approximately this how to get search engine traffic and after learning some tips from google i will get these tips and my blog get again search engine ranking and now my blog is improve ranking and traffic from search results.

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Tutorial Approximately Search Engine Optimization Results:

If you ready to make your Blog Homepage and your post search engine mately then use or try these tips.

First go to your post writing page and choose your post title and blog posting article. Try to make your blog title is very search engine mately and i am sure you do this very easy with these tips.

Write your blog post title in the box of post title means write 5 words post title.

Now write the two line description with 160 characters and sure your post description include all of 5 words which you use in the blog title. Let's see.

What Is Permalink And How To Make It SEO Mately

This is my post title and above on the top is my description using 150 character and you can see i will use all of those keywords which i use in my post title i also use in my blog post description. And one thing also use permalink option with right side bar in your blog post writing page. Use your important 5 keywords like picture below

This matter is really effect on your blog optimization this tip is very helpful and no one can explain this tip on internet properly. But i get this tip with my SEO consultant sir.

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Blogger Blog is also well optimize by blogspot but you want to do some SEO Tactics with your blog for Search Engine. Search Results want to your blog structure is well optimize or user mately and also Google bot mately if your blog crawl and indexing by Google Bot then you definitely get best ranking in Google Search and also Alexa Ranking. If you want to indexing your blog properly then use above link which i embed below my first paragraph of this article. Now go with using one of the best tip and get a huge traffic on your blog. I have also some other tips with Webmaster Tools and Search Engine Optimization and if you want to really know approximately them then go a head and try all these tips easily my article is very easy to learn.