Determine SEO Implementation By Optimize Keywords And Search Queries

Determine SEO Implementation By Optimize Keywords And Search Queries

Find SEO implementation with easy cara utune Query, Impression, Clicks, CTR and Avg. Position in webmaster tools utune Search Queries Tab. If you want better SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your blog or situs then only, merely, solely focus on webmaster tools and also use the best link Search Queries which very effective. I recently focus on my search queries and examine that my word which is highly search in Google Search Engine is also take the same position which saw in my Webmaster Tools features. I pick my most general and well optimize keywords love crawlers and indexing blogger on search in Google and you i found that the position of keywords is same which is demonstrate in webmaster 2.9 Avg. Position and then i also work on it and i optimize my targeted keywords by country and by area. If you also want to made some SEO with your blog or situs then you work on it.

Now i know you how to optimize your keywords and also make your posts or articles more visible in search engine. If you have a good blog puposes you posts articles love me then you clever easily optimize these keywords and get Organic traffic with huge of amount for better countries. First i discuss on targeted countries topic then we worked on keywords which we want to optimize and in the last section which keywords works in search engine.

When you want to make a post first checked the keywords and your targeted country puposes if you want to sasaran USA for then use the keywords which is highly use in United States. Puposes the Impression and Query is also search in US that's why i use these keywords in my posts and also add these keywords in Meta Description first choose your keywords by this tool Google Trfinishs by this tool you clever easily find or search the keyword hitale, narrative and there search volume on monthly basis.

When you choose you keywords in Google Trfinishs then next one is to optimize the chooseed keywords. Let's suppose you choose 5 keywords for your posts title and you want to optimize it then go with these steps and also check the example of mine posts.

I have targeted 4 keywords to optimize my blog post. Those keywords are

Determine, SEO, Implementation, Search Queries, these are the words which i want to optimize and want to give these keywords better Avg. Position in Search Engine.

Extra Trik:

Use targeted keywords also in post description puposes in meta description.

Now write a post and use targeted keywords in Search Description and and in post title and when you submit site map of your post then after few days you clever get organic traffic from search engine easily. Now check your sasaran keywords position in search results puposes if your post get traffic with targeted keywords with avg. position of keywords in search also look in webmaster tool. Let's check it now in the above picture you clever look my 2 keyword is crawlers and indexing blogger in search results puposes when some one type keywords crawlers and indexing blogger for search if your keywords is on first in the list then your position in Google Search Engine is also first. Now write effective and original articles on your blog and get organic traffic.