Optimization Of Business Processes How To Do The Right Things In The Right Order

Optimization Of Business Processes How To Do The Right Things In The Right Order

So let's talk approximately the optimization of business processes and the priority of how to do the right things in the right order. Most of us, myself included, have a huge number of things that we necessity to do. We tend to be a huge list of everything that necessitys to be done, and it is growing every day, and we do not have expectation that we will do all the time, especially if some things every now and then fall out of our list. What I love to do, that's what I usually am submitting to your list of 120 - 150% of the cases I've ever able to achieve. The reason why I'm doing this because I always have a task, except for those things that I conmiddler and I always arrange them in priority order, one after another, and I tell that the things that lower priority they always fall out of the list. One is that I let you do and want you to have permited it to myself, it's let things fall from the list. Do not feel as if you have all the necessary to perform, because it will never happen. You're ready to burst, but would still have time to end these few cases, and so ever. When you permit yourself to miss out on some things, create priorities more important things will be much easier.

The priority for me is not malord up a big to-do list, but first and foremost it's sure things and businesses that have the greatest life and property.

Thus, Several Techniques For Determining Priorities:

One of my favorite, it's malord a list of what to do, and try to translate each case from the list in value if you do this, it will be worth it.

Some things that you make, will be valuable only once, the other a long time. It's love the difference between "spending" and "investment." If you spend, you get it now, if you invest - provides income for an extended period.

But we the people and our emotional system has not been created to think of a more prolonged period of time, but it was created to think approximately meeting the necessitys of today. We basically have a "chimpanzee brains," Did you tell that chimpanzees do not have the ability to defer gratification and have no impulse control when they served impulse to eat a banana, they only, merely, solely grab a banana and eat, they clever not stop and wait. We all still have a bit of impulse control, we clever control our desires, and we necessity to use it when we are trying to decide what to do first. And when we have what is "urgent" case or you want to have some fun right now, or call a mate to chat, you should stop and ask yourself: "Walord up at 10, 20 or 50 years, what would I have been pleased with the fbehave that I do now? "And the prioritizing of things that you should do, you immediately realize that it would be worth it to do first so happens optimization of business processes.

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Here is an example, let's say I have three things on my list that I necessity to do. One of them, call a mate, who called me earlier and shelp that he necessityed to talk to me. The next thing is I have to meet with the person who called and is interested in purchatune one of my products. And the third is to create and record instructional videos that will benefit the people. I ask myself: "Which of these things will be valuable for a long period of time, which will be worth it to make it first?" If I do not organize my ideas in the right order, it is lovely that I clever solve that: "I am a mate called, wants to talk and have to call him back, I'll make it fast. Then, talk to the person who wants to buy my product, and then I'll come back and record video. "But look what happens when I begin to determine the value of each of these things.

Look at the value of the call to a mate. Most lovely, he had a question that I clever reply at any time, no income, no value, he only, merely, solely wants me to reply on what that question. Take the second thing that people want to talk to me approximately purchatune the product. So he wants to talk, it's lovely to be a long conversation, and people still buy the product, what is the value of this? Now, let's talk approximately the video. Approximately a small training video that I tend to spread online and bagikan with the people, it will be there in years online, what is it? If I go online and look other videos that I put earlier, the fbehave that every month hundreds of people foreheadtune them, and one gratuity of these people come to my web site, subscribe to the newsletter, decide to become customers Informasi business. Thus, this video worth much more than other items on the list.

So when you necessity to set priorities, make a list of things that you necessity to do, and try to turn them each into a monetary value. Think of the years ahead. Think 5, 10 years, 20 years into the future.

Another way to think approximately the priority is to prioritize three things to grow business, things that make all the value, it's marketing, product and relationships. These three things marketing, product and relationships, these are the things that make all the value and income. Priority on your list: creating marketing and sales marketing and sales execution, creation of products and services, the things that people will buy, and will continue to buy over a long period, and building relationships, especially with the people who help you grow in your business. It may be business partners, your team, the people who work with you.

This optimization of business processes. If you clever withstand these three things a priority, then one day you wake up in a much more productive future.