Use Best Blogger Settings Option Basic For SEO And Others Option Links

Use Best Blogger Settings Option Basic For SEO And Others Option Links

In this cara i will demonstrate you how you clever Use the best tricks for your blog SEO in the Setting option in blogger. This is the thorough cara on Setting Option in Blogger. If you want to do any thing in setting option the read this post and do easily. In setting option you look 6 main heading which is given below. I write many post, on Blogger SEO Trik and Techniques, Blogger Customization with Template, Blogger Plugins, Blogging Aplikasi and many more but now i discuss the one of the new thing which is seldom discuss on internet because it is general every one tell approxifriendly this but not properly. People do blogging but they are not a perfect blogger and this is the fbehave they clever not tell this blog platform properly. Let's begin our easy blogging tutorial.

Posts and remarks
Mobile and Email
Language and Formatting
Search Preferences
Now i am going to discuss the all of above heading with detail how to use for better SEO and make your blog perfect and how to save it from spamming and how to use redirection, remarks, readers, author invitation option and many option which we discuss below paragraph.

Setting With Basic Option:

If you make your blog on that is very nice because it is the largegest platform to keep blogging and also every one love this this platform is also very easy same love WordPress but some effort is required to do new thing.

In the Basic option there are three further option which is given below.


1) Basic:

1) Title:

Title is the main heading of your blog which is seep also in search engine and you should choose the best keywords for your title tags puposes SEO Blogger not SEO For Blogger. Remove these keywords from your blog address is, am, for, on, this, that, it, or, and, because these words not count by search engine and they have not worth in front of Google Crawler or Google Bot. Use always best words for your blog address and also blog title.

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2) Description:

Description is the best way to seep your blog first in search engine because if you use the best and content full keywords in search engine which is not copyright then your blog first seep in search engine. If you give also best and beautiful description which is appliceable to your blog title or content then your blog also get more and good traffic from search engine. I have lookn many bloggers which put a large mistake on his blogger description they give description totally change by their blog content that's why visitors come on their blog and fastly left their blog. Because they clever not find their desire content they click on fake link which give the keywords but not content.

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3) Privacy:

Privacy option is use when you want to not demonstrate your blog in search engine results puposes your blog have adults content or many other types of content and you want not demonstrate in search results or in Google Blog listing then you click on it and tick on option no and also do same as second.

2) Publishing:

In Publishing option here is your choice which link or blog address use for search engine. Love i have a blog with house link and i want to change it with my desire one which is available in blogger also and which we purchase with the Aid of Google Apps. If i want to change my blog address with .com, .net, .info. and .co then i clever easily change it simply by doing this below little tutorial.

Go to

Go to Setting.

Go to Basic.

Go to Blog Address.

Click on Add A Custom Domain.

Which one you want to use .com or .net or any then choose this extension.

If you have already domain then only, merely, solely click on Switch to Advance Setting.

And if you have not purchase the domain then click below orange button Check Availability.

Also click below link to more informasi how to change blogspot to .com and how to purchase.

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3) Permissions:

1) Blog Authors:

In Permissions option you clever permit your for new author puposes Guest Authors and this is add by inviting the Guest Author by utune their contbehaves. If you also want to add author on your blog then you also use this fantastic option. By click on Add Authors and Choose From Contbehaves button and add your blog guest author easily and nyaman.

2) Blog Readers:

Blog Readers is the option which you clever use when if you want not every body read your blog only, merely, solely blog author or blog readers ready or view your blog then you clever easily use this option. If you want that only readers read your blog then click on Add Readers and then choose from contbehave and save it. That's all.

2) Posts and remarks:


In Posts and Remarks option you clever choose how many post you want to demonstrate on your housepage. If you want to demonstrate 4 then click on post box and write the number of posts for demonstrate on housepage. Now click on Save setting orange button top right corner.

Post Template:

Here you clever easily add post template for individual post.

Demonstrate Case Image With Light Box:

In Demonstrate Case Image Light Box option you clever easily change your lightbox option by utune yes or no option. Light Box is very good option for view image in blog post.It also very easy by only, merely, solely click on image and comeback by utune Cross mark.


Remarks Location:

In this option you choose or choose one of the best desire option for your blog remark page. Puposes if some one want to remark on your blog then when they click for adding remark then this option will work. Love when you click on remark adding option then Embedded, Full Page, Pop-up Window or Hide which one you want to use its now up to you. Choose any one of them and keep nyaman.different

Who Clever Remark?different

Who clever remark is the option which is used for remarking purpose puposes if your blog visitors or readers visit your blog or site then which user remark on your blog to avoid spamming then this option works better. Here are four option Anyone, Register Users(included open ID), User With Google Accounts (Gmail) and Only member of this blog. You clever only, merely, solely choose any one of them and click on save setting.

Remark Moderation:

Remark Moderation is the option which is used when some one remark on your blog the remark clever not visible on your blogger blog housepage they visible then blog author modeswift or Approve this remark. This option is mainly use for avoid spamming if you think some one remark on your blog to make links on your blog to get visitors and they have not interest on your blog content then you clever do this easily. Only, merely, solely go remark moderation tick on your desire option Always, Sometimes, and Never.

And when visitors of your blog abandon a remark on your blog post then they look the message love this "This remark is awaiting for approval".

Demonstrate Word Verification:

Demonstrate word verification is the one of the best option in blog because this is use when human mind remark on your blog. Basically this option is use to avoid spamming puposes Robot Spamming or Robot Remarking and utune Automatically Remark aplikasi by some moderation.

Demonstrate Backlinks:

Demonstrate Backlinks option puposes when some one remark on your blog and they also give the links with href then they also make a backlinks on your blog. Many peoples also increase their backlinks reputation by utune this option the find the new blog and effective blog and begin remark on their blog and make too much backlinks without and worth. These type of backlinks not give your best Google Page Rank. So this option work as when some give the link with their remark or message then what your want link is visible or not.

Remark Form Message:

Here in this option you clever embed or write any keywords approxifriendly thanks for remark which is demonstrate above the remark box. Here give the best and beautiful keywords for thanlord to your blog readers and remarking people.

3) Mobile and Email:

In Mobile and Email option you clever easily posting with your mobile smartphone on your blog and also utune Email. First discuss approxifriendly Mobile Smartphone. By going to Mobile and Email link and then Add A Mobile and when you click on Add A Mobile you look the page love given below image/image.

Use Best Blogger Settings Option Basic For SEO And Others Option Links

When box is seep with a 9 letters code you sent this code via text to 256446 which for blogger. The code is written in the Yellow box. When you sfinish verification code then you begin easily posting on your mobile by utune the same mobile number. If you have Non-US Mobile or Phone Number then you clever email the code to If your mobile doesn't supportdifferentMMS then you clever use the first option via text.


Email is the option where your posting utune Email. Here is your Gmail account and before you clever give the secret words before posting.differentAnd here is three option Post email Immediately, Second save email as a draft and Third is Disable.

Remark Notification Email:

In the Remark Notification Email option you clever add your any account to receive the mails and remark from your blogger blog. Here is your Google Account is already embed or put in it.

Email Posts To:

In the Email Posts To option you clever add the email account of your frifinishs and also members and you clever easily sfinish your post by utune email.

Now i only discuss three headings in this post now nest three headings discuss in the next post (Part 2) because this post is too much long. In the next post Search Preferencesdifferentis the most important heading approxifriendly SEO for setting of Meta Tags, Description, Enabling Description In the Individual post, Also add the Robot .txt file in the blogger search preferences. Also adonly, merely, solely the Custom Robots Header Tags manually and many more in 6 heading Other Also for Adding Analytic code for proper verification.

Use Language And Formatting | Search Preferences | Others Option Setting In Blogger Blogspot

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