Customise Blogger Default Template To Make Professional Template

Customise Blogger Default Template To Make Professional Template

This cara know you how to Customize Blogger Default Template in Professional Template to make good loolord blog and easy to upload the other third party template in your blog. Blogger Blogspot is one of the largegest platform for bloggers to keep blogging and write good stuff on our blog. If you have choose the blogspot for publish your Quality Stuff/Quality Content then i love your choice for chootune this platform. I really appreciate those people who make blog on blogspot or choose Custom Domain after blogspot. I have write many post to make your blog Good Loolord to attrbehave more visitors on blog or also write post to make your blog User-Frifinishly. I give you some trik to make blog better for Search Engine or User-Frifinishly.

First i begin my post with customization of blogger template to changes in professional template then i give you some trik and techniques to make it Search Engine Frifinishly or User-Frifinishly.

Customization Of Blogger Blogspot Default Template Into Professional Template:

Before customization you should choose the best and more beautiful template which blogger platform provide us by signing up in If you choose the third party template for your blog then you clever not customize your blog with your choice that's why always use the blogger default template it has lot of benefits love if you want to run Google Adsense Account on your blog puposes you want to demonstrate Google Ads on your blog then first you apply for it and after approval you put ads on blog and if you clever not use User-Frifinishly Template for blogger or not make your blog Search Engine Frifinishly then you never get Adsense account because Google Adsense love those template which is user frifinishly or search engine frifinishly.

Begin Customization In

First Make blog on blogger blogspot if you not already make then click below link to make blog on blogspot with simple steps begin to finish. Now when you make blogspot then ready to customization of your blog.

Make Your Own Free Blog At Blogger.Com

Go to

Go to Template.

Click the Orange Button with Customise link.

Here you clever look these below five heading for customization of your blog.

Adonly, merely, solely widths

Customization With Template In Blogger Blogspot:

First choose your desire Template for blogger by only, merely, solely one click. But my suggestion is always choose these two template for blogger first Simple or second is Awesome Inc.

Simple Template Option:

In Simple Template Option there are many option for customization and you also choose to many design by click on Simple and many template seep in simple template option. You should choose any one of them.

Awesome Inc Template Option:

By chooseing Awesome Inc Template you also choose any one of design for your blog in this template option your blog background is transparent and it also user frifinishly but not love Simple template. Simple Template is best option in my view. I discuss these template having large reason if you want to join Adsense or want a title of Adsense Publisher because when you apply for Adsense and submit your application Adsense Engineer first look Blogger Template does it is User-Frifinishly or not.

Customization With Background In Blogger Blogspot:

For customization in Background of template is so simple. You clever only, merely, solely Add or Remove background image by chootune this option and also choose the main background theme color. This option is not very important you clever choose your desire image for background.

Customization With Adonly, merely, solely Widths In Blogger Blogspot:

This option is very important in blogger customization template because if you clever not fit your blog in your foreheadser page then it is not looks good loolord blog and visitors of your blog clever not understand your blog template and may be they left your blog immediately/fastly. If you want to customize it then first you customize the fourth option Layout and then we adonly, merely, solely our blog width.

Customization With Layout In Blogger Blogspot:

Layout is one of the best option in blogger we clever easily add Page Layout or Page Element with our choice. I have also choose the third option of layout for my blog. For understand it view below headings.

Third Layout Option:

One Header.

One Post Body Page.

Two Right Middlebar.

Two Footer Layout.

But i customize my blog later by adding new Three Column Footer for better results or add more gadget to make my blog beautiful or user frifinishly.

Begin Layout Tutorial:

Click on Layout link and choose which Page Layout want to add on your blog template to make your blog user frifinishly my suggestion is choose simple layout love Header, Post Body or only, merely, solely one right or left middle bar for adding gadget and only, merely, solely two or three footer layout. Now go in 3rd Option Width and adonly, merely, solely your width according to your new Page Layout option. Make your blog width which is fit on your foreheadser and check your blog in all foreheadsers puposes in Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Reamr or Opera.

Customization With Advanced In Blogger Blogspot:

In Advanced option you clever look to many option for make your blog user frifinishly or good customization of your blog. Love below you clever look these main headings in advance option.

Page Text.
Blog Title.
Blog Description.
Tabs Text.
Tabs Background.
Post Title.
Date Header.
Post Footer.
Mobile Button Color.
Add CSS.

These are the fifteen option in Advanced Setting. We clever easily make our blog which one we find.

Page Text:

First Option in advanced is Page Text by utune this option we clever customize the Page Text Font or also the Color or text. We make text also in Bancient option and choose the size of our blog post text.


We easily customize or choose the Outer Background Color, Main Background Color and Header Background Color by utune this option. Outer Background Color puposes the border line of text page. Main Background color option puposes text background or blog post background color. Header Background color puposes your Blog Title Background color which one of you choose.


Links option is use for any type of link you make on your blog love your Blog Archive, Tags, Labels, RSS feeddifferentor any one of them. Link color is use to choose the color of text link, Visited color is the option which know blog reader this links or this post is already read by him puposes if you visited a blog or you click one post link and then you visit this blog again the this option knows you it is already read you. Hover Color puposes if some one drag his mouse one post or any link then it will highlighted by your chooseed color.

Blog Title:

Blog Title color is easily change by only, merely, solely utune this option. If you want to change the blog title font then go to Font and choose your desire font. After that go to Title Color and change color of your blog title with your desire color and also choose the size of color upto 80px.

How Administer Blogger Title Tags to Improve SEO

Blog Description:

In Blog Description option you clever easily change the color of yourdifferentblog description.

How To Added Meta Tag In Your Blogger For Better Optimization

Tabs Text:

Tabs Text is the option if you want to change the color of tab text then use this option and change the tab text color with your desire color option.You clever also choose the desire font of the tabs.

Add Manually CSS Jqeury Drop Down Menu On Blogger

Tabs Background:

Tabs Background option is for change the color of tab background.

Post Title:

By utune Post Title option you clever easily Text, Size or effect of the font for post title.

How I Clever Optimize the Post Title Pupose My Post Demonstrate First

Date Header:

By utune Date Header Option you clever change the color of Date Text or Date Background.

How To Set | Change Desire Blog Post Date And Time In Blogger

Post Footer:

By utune Post Footer option you clever highlight the footer of your every blog post and also highlight the labels or link to this post. Look in below image/image.

Add | Put | Embed Three Or Four Column Footer Widget/Gadget In Blogger Blogspot

Customise Blogger Default Template To Make Professional Template

You clever make changes in post footer by changing Text Color, Background Color and Shadow Color.

Text Color:

Text Color puposes link, labels, or date and time color which you clever setup with your own choice easily.

Background Color:

Here you clever easily change the background color only, merely, solely chooseing your desire color love my post footer color is grey you clever adonly, merely, solely with your own color.

Shadow Color:

It is same as border color which give the effect of shadow. It is normally black in color and give the good effect of shadow.


In the Gadgets option you clever changes the fonts and the size of Heading or Title of gadgets. Also you clever changes the alternate color of the gadgets title.

Gadget For Blogger To Make Perfect Blog


In the Pictures option you set easily the Border Color/Border Lines of pictures which is in your blog post and also you give the color of Caption Text Color with you desire color easily. Love i give Caption Text Color in my blog post pictures black.

How I Remove Or Change Blogger Post Picture Border In Blogspot


In Accents option you clever give the Sepaswift Line Color and also give the desire color of Tabs Borders.

Mobile Button Color:

Mobile Button Color is new option in blogger template customization here you choose the color of button for mobile smartphone.

Add CSS:

Add CSS option is now not use in add css option it is already done in Blogger Template by going Template > Edit HTML > Here we clever easily add our CSS coding. If you also use then this is so simple.

Now Click on Orange Button locate on top right middle corner Apply To Blog.

Save Blog and view your Customize Blog.

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