Add | Changes Labels Or Tags With CSS Button Beautiful Color With Hover Effect

Add | Changes Labels Or Tags With CSS Button Beautiful Color With Hover Effect

In this cara i will demonstrate you how to Change or Replace simple labels with CSS Buttons with hover effect in blogger blogspot. This work is done in the CSS Coding and if you have proper tellledge utune CSS then this trick is so simple for you and you clever easily do that. If you have not familiar with CSS Language then don't worry i give simple and easy cara for doing this trick. Blogger platform is one of the best way to bagikan your content to other peoples and also tell them approxifriendly yourself with the aid of your content. If you bagikan your useful and good stuff to people then they use your content and remember your to giving thanks. If you want visitors are come on your site and stay more time on your site then you should make Best and Good Seeing Blog or Site for this puposes. I have publish many post on how to make blogger good seeing and how you put SEO in your blogger blogspot, How you clever Make money and how you clever choose best template for your blogger blogspot. Now if you want to do these tricks then i give you some links after this CSS tricks first do that.

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Now Lets Begin The Cara Add CSS Bricks To Replace Or Change Lables:

If you have not adding this trick in your template then ready now for doing it. I give you little cara which tell you in details what you do for having it.

Go to

Go to Template.

Click on Edit HTML.

Press Ctrl+F in the HTML Body Box.

When Search Box is seep in the HTML Body Box.

Then copy below code/tag and paste in this box and press enter.


After seeping this tag copy the below CSS Coding for Labels and paste only, merely, solely before or above this code.

/*--- MBL Custom Label Cloud With CSS3 --- */

.Label a{



padding:0 20px;








border:none !important;

-webkit-transition:all .3s ease-in-out !important;t: 30pxt: 30px;




font-size:14px; }

.Label a:hover{

color:#000 !important;

background:#ff0; }

Now Save your Template.

And now turn to behaveive the labels to get effect.

How I Make My Blogger Good Seeing Best Tricks

Add Labels By Going to Layout:

Go to

Go to Layout.

Click On Add A Gadget.

Go to Labels.

Click on Labels.

Now choose or tick same as below pic.

Now click on Save Button.

And View your blog.

You have done your work easily and nyaman it.

I have also many widget or gadget to add in blogger and make blogger see love wordpress and also to make your blog Beautiful.

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