How To Improve Content Keywords Significleverce Easy Tricks To Blog

How To Improve Content Keywords Significleverce Easy Tricks To Blog

In this cara i tell you how content keywords make your blogger SEO perfect. Blogging tricks is to much but very important is use best keyword

s for blogger to get your blog on first page of Google search engine written with few words. My cara is very easy and you clever easily understand what i say. If you have a blog and you want to put some seo tricks on your blog to get more visitors from search engine or get your blog rank then you should give proper concentswift on your blog kemampuannce. I have discuss some of tricks and trik below check it out.

What Is Content Keywords Significleverce In Blogger:
When you make your blog then labels option is not ready in your blog to put some keywords in your blog webmasters to demonstrate significleverce of your blog. Label are the content keywords which your webmaster bring on your blog it is very important to increase search engine ranlord. Let says your blog is approxifriendly Electronics Things but you clever't give some keywords in your labels options then your blog is not visible properly in search engine but if you put some significleverce keywords in your label option or submit your post sitemap daily then your blog seep is to approach and keywords puposes approxifriendly your blog Latest Fans, New Type of Tubes, Latest Bulbs, Latest Computers Info, Latest Electronics Appliances and many more keywords love this. Now i tell you how to behaveive your label option in your blog or how to submit sitemap of your blog on daily basis for better SEO. 

How To Behaveive/Optimize Your Label Option In Your Blogger:
It is very easy to optimize blog label option in your blog and you clever easily understand also i am going to tell you how to optimize blog label with little cara below.

Keep in mind now blogger HTML editor is changes and come new blogger interface in blog html editor first if you are not tell approxifriendly it then click below link to tell what is new interface then begin below cara easily.

How I Clever Grip New Interface Of Blogger HTML Editor

Go to
Go to Templates.
Click Edit HTML.
Now you look a box with html language how to work it with look below.
Press Ctrl+F to seep search box in html box.
Paste this highlighted query in the box and press enter to find itdifferentdifferent<a expr:href='data:label.url' and replace it withdifferent<a expr:href='data:label.url' rel='tag'differentwhen you replace it then save your template and check your label options is ready to work.
Now go to publish new post and give some significleverce content keywords in label and also highlighted it with bancient option same as which i do.
Now go to Layout.
Click Add Gadget.
Choose Labels or Categories to behaveive labels on your blog page.
Now if you done true, right, validly then your blog get more visitors from search engine and get immediately rank in Alexa or Google.

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