How I Clever Write 100% Original Content For Blogger

How I Clever Write 100% Original Content For Blogger

This cara is know you how you clever write most better and content full blog post to increase traffic. When you want to write the blog post some trik are their which is very aidful for you. When your going to write the post on your blog first think approxifriendly the blog post title because it is very important for you when some going to search some keywords they clevernot write tunele word but they write a two or three words together. Now when you write your post think which keywords are so general when you decide this and find the keywords then your 75% work is done.

Now when you make the title of your blog post which is more unique content.

Now Write 100% With These Trik:
When you make the title of your blog post then copy your title which you make and paste in the Google Search Engine. When you paste the click to search result if your blog post 75% same then remove your title and make new but if your title is 50% same then you clever use it as your blog post title. Puposes if your post title is 10 word and 5 words which you search is same then you clever use it in your blog post.

When you writing your post then make some headings and subheading also to highlight your content.

When you highlight your content with subheading then your blog post is also highlight in search results it is best trik to write original content.

When you writing the post then highlight some keywords to make your post beautiful.

When you writing the post then check your post is better for search results.

Your focus is totally on your keywords.

Some Trik For Good Content:
Write your post totally with your own mind if you are not clear approxifriendly post which you want to write then you search on Google with your related post and pickup some thoughts and then write with your own mind with some changes it is also conmiddlered in original content.

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