How I Clever Use Webmaster Tools Properly For Blogger

How I Clever Use Webmaster Tools Properly For Blogger
The cara is approxifriendly Webmaster Tools and their new features how to use for make blogging better. In this post i give latest tricks and trik for use webmaster tools easily. If you have a blog and you are not tell webmaster tools properly then i will study you some important features and steps to control the webmaster tools properly and use for better results. If you have a good content blog and situs then you submit your blog and situs to Google with the aid of webmaster tools. Webmaster is the new features of Google to control our situs or blog for better SEO (Search Engine Optimization). But one thing is we have full control on webmaster tools for better SEO and it is very important thing. I have discuss some important features to make better SEO and rank your situs or blog within a month.

Some Important Features Of Webmaster Tools:
When you are going to make a blog and purchase a custom domain then think approxifriendly the name which you want to purchase because it is very important for you. If you choose two words domain name that's better but if you purchase three words name then it is too hard to demonstrate in search results because it has a big domain name and when you are decide the domain name then try to purchase those name which very rare puposes choose those name which have low competition in search results.Now some important features and their uses.

Geographic Target:
In the webmaster tools when you click on configuration > setting you clever look the feature of Geographic Target. Geographic Sasaran is very important for you because if you want that the most of visitor comes on USA then you choose the USA country and save it and you get more visitor from USA.

Internal Links:
In the webmaster tools when you go on traffic link and click Internal Links then you clever look the links which are make on your own blog. The trik is to make more and more internal links for better SEO. When you make more internal links then crawler check your blog and it find the most of link to your blog and crawler index your blog very fastly. If you not tell how to make internal links then click the below link for more details.

Make Internal Links And Backlinks and Increase in Blogger Blogspot

In the webmaster tools sitemap is so so important for optimize your blog because if you not submit sitemap of your blog or situs then Google not index your situs in search engine because it has not constitution of your blog or situs that's why it is not properly index your blog and disregard by search engine. If you make a blog then first you submit your sitemap. If you not how to submit then click this link for more details.

How I Submit Sitemap of My Situs In Google Search Engine

Last and most important feature which i discuss now. Use this tools or feature first when you make every new blog or purchase your custom domain.

Administer Site:
Administer site is fist feature which is very important in this feature you are able to add or remove your site or blog and verify your site or blog easily with unusual steps. The features is too much important because if you clever verify your custom domain or blog in webmaster tools then Google clever't index your situs or blog properly. To use this link properly click below link with unusual features.

How to Verify My Blogger Blogspot in Webmaster Tools

When you purchase a custom domain then to verify it click this below link.

How To Verify My Custom Domain With HTML File Or Meta Tags In Webmaster Tools

When you verify your custom domain or blog with all webmaster features then use below link to verify with Google Analytic Code for traclord your situs visitors.

How To Verify Custom Domain With Analytic Code In Webmaster Tools

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