How I Clever Remov Or Fix Broken URL For Google Adsense Crawler

How I Clever Remov Or Fix Broken URL For Google Adsense Crawler

In this cara you will study how to fix or remove your broken URL in blogger or Google Adsense Crawler. If you are worry approxifriendly this then forget this problem your solution is here. If your are utune Google Adsense on your blog and make money through your Google Adsense Account then you may also check and remove your wrong which arrise in your blogger or Google Adsense account if you not do this and not properly check your account for better kemampuannce then your account is in sertager.

When Google Adsense crawler is not crawler your page for demonstrateing appliceable ads with your content then crawler sfinish wrong for this page. Crawler bot crawl your page but they does not arrive on your page then this wrong is seep on your Adsense account. Webmaster tools also know you approxifriendly this if any one page of your blog is not crawl by spider or crawler then it demonstrates wrongs. Webmaster tools is the best way to remove this problem. This problem is also removed by three other methods. Now i am going to know you approxifriendly the solution of your problem.When you face this problem then do this.

First Solution for Removing or Fix Your Broken or Crawler Wrongs:

Go to
Indifferentnew tab open
Click your sitelink which you verify in your webmaster tools.If you clever not add or verify your site in your webmaster account then click link to do so. How to Verify Blogger or Situs in Webmaster Tools.
Go to Health > Crawler Wrongs. If you look any one URL which have not crawl by Google Search engine then pick your Url and copy it on your notepad file.
Now go to optimization link which is below traffic link.
Go to Remove URLs click this link.
Now click on a create a new removal request button.
Paste your URL which is not crawl by Google Adsense Crawler or Google Search Engine.
Then Click Continue.

You have done this true, right, validly and your URL is removed in a day or in some hours by webmaster tools and your situs or blog is healthy. One Of the most and way to remove the URL and your crawler wrong is removed in your Google Adsense Account in a day or two days. If your are also make your blog better for search engine frifinishly then this tip also work because when your site or blog have any crawler wrong then this puposes your site kemampuannce in search engine is not better. To make your blog search engine frifinishly i have some trik and SEO techniques to make perfect blog or ranlord your blog is very important for make better earnings. If you clever do so then your blogdifferentkemampuannce is better then other blog or situs also. Some trik to do.

Make Good and Content Full blog.
Add Your Site in Google Webmaster tools.differentClick To Add Site
Submit your Blog or Situs sitemap to Google Search Engine. Click To Submit Sitemap
Make Link with Google Analytic account to better kemampuannce of your site. Click To Here
Last thing check daily all of three account regularly to check out your site.

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