How I Clever Reduce My Blog Page Loading Time For Blogger Blogspot

How I Clever Reduce My Blog Page Loading Time For Blogger Blogspot

This cara and trick is very useful in blogging for blog page loading if your blog take too much time to open then reduce it because visitor don't love loaded situs or blog. Blog or Situs is the main source of income also you clever also take time to check the blog health if you not check it health then your blog is drop their rank in search engine and this thing is not good. When you make your blog with more ardour and you also love to take your situs or blog on Google rank then you totally focus on your site. I have a beautiful and very effective trick for this thing which is tell as page loading.

When you begin blogging on your blog then your mission is to take rank to your site. Imagine your situs or blog is the only source of income then you get this things very easily in your mind.

How I Clever Reduce Page Loading Time With Only, merely, solely Add JQuery Pluging:
This post will deeply explain to you how you clever add JQuery Plugin for loaded page reduce. You clever also apply it on your situs also because it is a JQuery Plugin if you have a blog or situs contain many and many more pictures, aplikasis, and videos then you apply this tricks and make your site perfect. This plugin reduce the page loading timedifferentof your blog or website. This JQuery plugin is written in JavaScript. In other ways and some cases it also reduce server load that's why when visitor is scroll a long pages with pictures and videos then your pages immediately demonstrates all of the pictures and videos on your post or pages.

Now Let's Begin The Tutorial:
Go to your
Go to Template.
Go to Edit HTML.
Click Expand Widget Template.
Press Ctrl+F to find the </head> tag in the HTML coding.
When you press ctrl+f then you look a box below in your foreheadser paste </head> in your below box.
To get JQuery Plugin Code Click Here.different
When you get the jquery plugin code the paste it only, merely, solely before/above the </head> tag.

When you paste it then save template and view your situs or blog to look the results.

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