How I Clever Optimize the Post Title Pupose My Post Demonstrate First

How I Clever Optimize the Post Title Pupose My Post Demonstrate First

In this cara i will demonstrate you how to optimize the post title. Optimize Post Title pupose first you clever look your blog post and then your situs title or blog title (your Situs Name). If you want to do this then i have a easily cara for you now you clever easily optimize the post title for search engine ranlord. It pupose visitor look your post title first and then your URL if you clever't do this then your blog title is demonstrate first and then your blog post then this thing divert your visitor and they clever not visit your site because they clever not find his perfect search title. If you want that your visitor not go anywhere then you make these changes.

Now Let's Begin The Tutorial:

If you want to optimize the blog title then you have do the following changes which demonstraten given below.

Login to your
Go Template.
Click Template.
Tip: When ever you make some changes in template then copy your template backup in your computer because if you have done this not true, right, validly then you easily upload this template again on your blog.
When you copy the backup of your template then click Template.
Click Expand Widget.
When you tick the Expand Widget then press CTRL+F to find the below code in your HTML body of your template. When you press CTRL+F then search box is seep in the bottom then you put the code in the box you clever easily find it.


When you find this highlighted code then you clever replace it with the below highlighted code and save it. When you add new post then you clever look the effect immediately on Google Search Engine. Write your post full in Google Search Engine then you clever look how your title is worked.

 <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;'>differentdifferentdifferentdifferentdifferentdifferentdifferentdifferentdifferentdifferentdifferentdifferentdifferentdifferentdifferentdifferentdifferent
<title><data:blog.pageName/> | <data:blog.title/></title>

This cara is so simply i am also ready many post and blog approxifriendly the Optimize Post Title but no body write love this i am take to much time approxifriendly this post pupose when i think approxifriendly which post is publish today then i think approxifriendly this because it is new feature in blogger. I also make easy and easy for you.

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