How I Clever Make One Most Important Tip For SEO In My Blog

How I Clever Make One Most Important Tip For SEO In My Blog

In this cara i will demonstrate you how you increase organic traffic to use first and most important tip for your blog SEO. Organic traffic is most important thing for blogger because this increase your pageviews and also give you better earnings. If you not tell approxifriendly this then read my post to do so and make your blog perfect. Not to do more it is the simple and more important step and also so easy for you. First if you want to make your blog good then some trik you should do one is make your blog title good and also the address of your blog when you make your blog then think which is the unique name on internet hitale, narrative and which is most used also if you accomplish this name then your blog is better.

Second when you make your blog don't change the title of your blog it should be same as your blog address name. If you clever't do this then visitor not decide which the address of your blog.

If you want to increase your blog traffic in one week or two weeks after make your blog. Then you want to do these given trik. First i am already write my post on how you clever select your good blog address you should first read them. Now going to begin tutorial. When you make your blog you clever first think approxifriendly the description of your blog. The description is most beneficial thing for your blogger. When visitor come on your blog through search engine then they easily find your blog useful. If you select the better keywords in your blogger description then this is most powerful step of your blog SEO.

Meta Tags Description:
Description is very important thing for blog.

First tip is write most best and powerful keywords for your blog description. Now i am going how to paste your description in blog. You are thinlord that's so easily yes it is so easy but you only make one description one your page you clever submit second step of description which is also very important. Go with me to do so.

Go To
Go to Setting.
Go to Search Preferences.
When you click search preferences then you scroll with the aid of mouse above and you look meta tag description. This is the search engine description which is demonstrate in search engine.
Click Edit.
Write your good and content full description which not written already. Select good keywords.
Now when you write your 150 keywords then copy it with Ctrl+C.
Go to Setting first Basic.
Now paste your same description in the description section which is located below your blog title.
You have done true, right, validly save setting and your blog is ready to gain more traffic. I have already write more SEO steps in previous post check this out and make your blog perfect.

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