How I Clever Import And Export My Blog To Other Blogspot

How I Clever Import And Export My Blog To Other Blogspot

In this cara i will demonstrate you how you clever easily import and export you blogger blogspot to other blog. This pupose if you have a good content blog and some wrong is arrise in your Blog or Gmail account then how you clever make new blog and import your blog to other Gmail. I am going to know you approxifriendly in detail which clear your all concepts.

If you have a blog with big and original and good content if you think you clever't make blog love this then you export your blog in your computer. If you have face an wrong with your Gmail account and in your blog then you easily make your blog again love this and no difficultworlord is required. This thing take only one minute or less to make blog your previous corrupted blog. This tool is very aidful in today because we have no an enough time to make free blog and take too much time on our blog. Then this tools is work really so good. If you want to do so then go with me and make your blog in second. I have really glad when a boy remark me he say brother how i clever make my blog again which have approxifriendly 126 posts i am not write again 126 posts. I am so worried because my blog take me wrong. Then i think and i sit front of my computer screen and begin write this post.

How Import And Export Blog To Other Blog:

If you export your blog which you have already make with big amount of post then download your blog and save to your computer and when you make your new blog then import (upload) your blog to the new blog. When you upload your blog then no changes are required your blog demonstrate all the dates in which you write your posts and all the tags and description same as your previous blog.

Now Going To Export Your Blog:
Go to
Go to Setting.
Go to Other.
Go to Blog Tools.
Click Export Blog and download your blog all posts.

When you download your blog then if you want to delete this blog then click delete and if you want not to remove and make new blog on your new Gmail account then ready to make. In the below link you have study how make perfect and good blog in easy ways.

Make Your Own Free Blog At Blogger.Com

How to Verify My Blogger Blogspot in Webmaster Tools

When you make your blog on new Blogger account then repeat all the above steps and import your blog to click import link. When you importing your blog then you give also the path where you save your xml blog posts data. When you upload your xml file then go to post and check your posts work same as your previous blog.

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