How to Verify My Blogger Blogspot in Webmaster Tools

How to Verify My Blogger Blogspot in Webmaster Tools

In this cara i am going to tell you approxifriendly verification of your blog in webmaster tools. From webmaster tool you gain your have SEO of your blog. I make this cara very easy for some one how is not tell approxifriendly SEO or keyword for Search Engine Optimization. If you have a blog already at then begin with this. And if you have not a blog then click link which is demonstraten below to how to make blog at

Make Your Own Free Blog At Blogger.Com
When you get your blog then go to webmaster tools which is for your SEO in the blogger. I already tell approxifriendly the Blogger SEO article in my post. First what is webmaster tools? This is a tool which is given by Google to make your blog better in search engine and it gives you high rank in the Google search engine when you begin it then you clever realize that's good for your blogger blog. In the webmaster tool i will study you main heading how to grip. Let's begin with verification process.

1. Go to Webmaster Tools love this

2. Login your Webmaster Tools account.

3. Go to House and after this you clever look on the right middle of your webmaster page Administer Site. Click

differentdifferentthis link.

4. Click Add or Remove User.

5. Click owner and also click owner verification page. Now you clever select meta tags. When you click Meta Tags then it gives you a code. Copy this code on your clipboard and go to your and then go to Template > Edit Template > Expand Widget Template. Then the code which you have copy on your clipboard copy it and paste below the head section which look love this <head>. I also demonstrate in the image how you clever add this code and which place.


6. When you paste your code in below head section then click save template. Go to webmaster tools and click to verify. When you click if the code is true, right, validly paste then you look the massage approxifriendly congratulation. This is the first verification love this you make the three other steps of verification of your blog. Love HTML file which is already verify when you make your blog. Because is Google account. Next verification is Google Analytic code which is also very important with Google Analytic Code you clever easily look how visitor is come from and which post is read approxifriendly visitor and many more. I will definitely study you approxifriendly Google Analytic Code implementation. One and the most important step of verification is Domain Name Provider if you have only blog then not to verify it if you purchase a custom domain love this my blog name is when i purchase a custom domain it changes to and i also pay for it approach $10 per year.

Now your Code is implement your verification is done. But other verification is most important i will tell you approxifriendly these verification method in the next post. For these step you make your blog perfect and your blog is easily saw in the search engine if you love this post the you love these post also.

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